We Are No Closer to the Source...

We Are No Closer to the Source

Photo: Lisa Korpan

Photo: Lisa Korpan


"We are no closer to the source than when we first leapt from our branches"

For MAKE Magazine's 2016 Lit & Luz Festival, which brings together writers and artists from Mexico City and Chicago, we collaborated with Gabriela Jauregui on a text for performance that examines the way we experience and process news.

To create “We are no closer…,” we undertook an act of translation by plumbing local newspapers, social media feeds, and first-hand accounts from our own routines and our own bodies moving through our cities. Our collaboration unfolded across geography. Each of us contributed daily reports, which were then integrated into a collective rendering of a particularly unstable time in our cities. 

Each of us wrote independently during September 2016, with the three of us melding the collected writing into a "fourth voice" which we performed in English at the Festival's Chicago finale at Co-Prosperity Sphere in November 2016. We performed a Spanish translation at the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City in February, 2017.