Spontaneous Cases

Spontaneous Cases of Psychical Communication

You wake and realize last night's dream has come to pass. That itch in your gut—the one that anticipates a falling plane or a house fire, the one that foretells a windfall, or your next breakup—prepares you for signals from the beyond.

Photos: Gloria Araya

Photos: Gloria Araya

“Spontaneous Cases” is inspired by case studies of psychical experience collected by psychologist Gardner Murphy, one of the scientists who conducted the original radio broadcast telepathy experiment that inspired “There Is More Beyond.” For “Spontaneous Cases,” we created a series of imagined reported incidents of serendipity, telepathic communication, chance, correspondence, premonition, and other phenomena, sequenced to heighten their narrative echoes.


For performances of the project, our voices are live-mixed, creating literal echoes and resonances.


The piece premiered April 24, 2016 at Experimental Sound Studio, with a live-mix by Damon Locks. We had an opportunity to do a workshop reading in the Absynthe & Zygote series in March, 2016.

Produced as an artist book included in the  Floating Library , 2016.

Produced as an artist book included in the Floating Library, 2016.